• Olympiads
  • Scouts & Guides
  • Co Curricular Activities
  • Outward Bound Camp
  • Workshops


Our students in large numbers participate every year in the Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science Olympiads organized by the Council of CBSE schools in the Gulf. These Olympiads help in giving students the competitive edge and bringing out their talents.

Children also participate in other competitive exams organized by voluntary organizations both within and outside the Kingdom.

Scouts & Guides

Scouts and Guides provides the impetus for students to be ever ready to face challenges in this competitive environment. The scouts and guide movement also has regular camps and outward bound programmes which facilitate team and collaborative learning and also prepares them for leading and organizing programmes. There have been camporees, jamborees and camps organized under the able guidance of Bharat Scouts and Guides, in KSA, UAE, India and Japan. These camps enable a child to be prepared for life eventually.

Co Curricular Activities

The school provides opportunity in a multitude of sports and recreational programmes. Training is provided in Football, Cricket, Badminton, Athletics etc. Physical Training is carried out regularly on a weekly basis.

Besides these, students will have a wide choice of activities according to their interests, such as Painting, Needle Work, Knitting, Paper Art, Public Speaking, Debate, Scouts and Guides and Art classes.

The Students from I to XII are divided into four houses namely Sapphire, Topaz, Amber and Ruby (STAR). They represent these houses in the Mashreq Youth Festival (MYF) and Sports Meet where their talent has always been recognized, encouraged and nurtured.

Outward Bound Camp

Planned visits are arranged to promote the broad and balanced curriculum offered, as these activities hone a child's personal and social skills apart from meeting educational objectives.

During vacations, the school organizes outward bound tour, both national and international. Children are a part of exciting and challenging outdoor activities like traversing, rappelling and other adventurous sports and the kids have a lot to cherish in this outdoor learning.


Special workshops are organised in various subjects every year taking the students beyond the classroom and into more comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the subject. Under the supervision and guidance of the teachers, students themselves help in organising and conducting these workshops.